presented by Douglas #forwardbeautychallenge

Terms and Conditions

Your participation in the Douglas #FORWARDBEAUTY­Challenge (the “Challenge”) is governed by the following terms and conditions:


  1. The Challenge is organised by Parfümerie Douglas GmbH, Luise-Rainer-Str. 7-11, 40235 Düsseldorf, Germany (“Douglas”).
  2. To apply for the Challenge, you must submit a brief written description of your product or business idea and any supporting documents (the “Bid”) in English language via the Challenge website by 22.10.2018, 12pm CET at the latest. The total file size of your supporting documents may not exceed 25 MB.
  3. When submitting your Bid, you must provide your name and contact details for Douglas’ correspondence with you regarding the Challenge.
  4. If you wish to participate as a team you must nominate a team speaker and provide the speaker’s name and contact details when submitting your Bid. Your supporting documents for the Bid must also provide the names and contact details of all other team members. The maximum team size is a total of five persons (including the speaker). Douglas’ correspondence regarding the Challenge will usually be directed to the team speaker.
  5. Among all Bids that are submitted in due form and time Douglas will select, at its sole discretion, up to ten applicants to participate in the Challenge (the “Participants”). Douglas will inform you not later than 26.10.2018 by email whether or not you have been selected as a Participant.
  6. The Challenge will take place at a personal meeting of Participants, jury members and mentors appointed by Douglas in Düsseldorf (Germany) on November 16th and 17th, 2018.
  7. The jury members and mentors present at the Challenge will have significant experience in their field. They will be appointed by Douglas at its sole discretion.
  8. On day 1 of the Challenge (November 16th, 2018) each Participant will be asked to present its Bid in a plenary session. The Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their Bid with other Participants and will receive specific advice on the further development of their ideas from jury members.
  9. At the end of day 1 the jury will, at its sole discretion, select up to four shortlisted teams who will proceed to day 2 of the Challenge (the “Shortlist Participants”). For Participants who are not selected as Shortlist Participants the Challenge will end at the end of day 1, but are invited to stay as guests for day two.
  10. In the morning of day 2 of the Challenge (November 17th, 2018) the Shortlist Participants will work with the mentors to refine their ideas and Bid presentations. In the afternoon the Shortlist Participants will present their refined Bids to the jury.
  11. At the end of day 2 the jury will, at its sole discretion, select one winning Bid among the Shortlist Participants (the “Winner”).


  1. Douglas will provide the Winner the opportunity to further develop its winning Bid by offering ongoing support, mentorship and/or incubation, acceleration or implementation opportunities.

Travel and accommodation:

  1. Participants will have to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements for the Challenge event in Düsseldorf.
  2. Douglas will, at its own cost, arrange lunch and dinner for all Participants on day 1 as well as lunch and dinner for the Shortlist Participants on day 2.


  1. Douglas and the Participants may publish in their respective social media channels (i) the fact that the Challenge is taking place and/or (ii) official group photos taken at the event.
  2. Participants may use the statement “Participant of the Douglas #FORWARDBEAUTY­Challenge 2018” in their social media channels and/or future marketing materials.
  3. Shortlist Participants may use the statement “Shortlisted at the Douglas #FORWARDBEAUTY­Challenge 2018” in their social media channels and/or future marketing materials.
  4. The Winner may use the statement “Winner of the Douglas #FORWARDBEAUTY­Challenge 2018” in its social media channels and/or future marketing materials.
  5. Any other use of another party’s name, logo, image or other intellectual property rights in connection with the Challenge are only permitted with that other party’s prior written consent (e.g. by email).


  1. You must be at least 18 years of age when submitting your Bid.
  2. You must be in possession of valid travel documents and must be able to attend the Challenge event in Düsseldorf (Germany). If you require a visa you will have to obtain the visa yourself and at your own cost.
  3. You must own all intellectual property rights in your Bid and must ensure that your presentation of the Bid (including any presentations at the Challenge event in Düsseldorf) do not infringe any applicable laws and/or any rights of third parties.
  4. Employees of Douglas, employees of companies affiliated to Douglas and employees of agencies or service providers supporting Douglas in organising the Challenge as well as the relatives of such employees may not participate in the Challenge.

No expectation of confidentiality:

  1. Neither you nor Douglas nor the other participants shall have any expectation of confidentiality regarding the Challenge and/or regarding the content of any statements or presentations made within the Challenge. You must not present any information that you deem confidential.

Law and legal venue:

  1. The Challenge and these terms and conditions are exclusively governed by German law and shall be construed accordingly.
  2. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.